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  • Hillarious women car problems compilation

    February 11th, 2009 by admin

    I’ve yet to stop laughing from this one, this video brings out the essence of the “women shouldn’t drive” movement, a fantastic compilation of funny car crash and general stupidity videos, including the dress getting caught in the car door classic, hysterical woman in a hypermarket parking lot trying to unload her shopping cart into her car trunk, the idiot female who managed to hit several cars in a parking lot the size of canada, the dumb woman who got wrestled by the hose on a gas station etc.. Nothing against women to be clear, can’t go without them, but these car crash videos are simply extremely funny and I had to share :)

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    Russian Lada owned by a huge speeding truck

    February 9th, 2009 by admin

    This video is simply amazing, a large speeding truck comes out of nowhere and blows the white lada away, luckily the woman survived and even drove away, so – who said russian cars were crap? well, they are crap :D but this woman was very lucky I guess

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